by , 10th Feb 21 12:44 pm

It is a complete mystery as to how Rivian has achieved a market value of $50 billion, they have yet to build a sell a single car. However, the company has secured an order to build 10,000 electric vans for Amazon, who happen to be co-investors. By 2030 the Rivian aims to be producing 100,000 […]

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by , 5th Feb 21 10:56 am

There’s no arguing that the Bond franchise of films is one of the most instantly recognisable. That mix of suave, sophistication and gadgetry has traditionally made for some of the best viewing experiences over several generations. A vital part of the Bond films though has been the cars that 007 has driven and there’s certainly […]

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by , 2nd Feb 21 11:16 am

Ford has finally admitted defeat, and not for the first time, as it reveals the signing of an accord with Google to datamine the hell out of future customers. Under the new deal Ford will install Google’s Android operating system into new vehicles from 2023. The agreement will run for six years. Carmakers such as […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 11:33 am

Being a Tesla Driver is not too dissimilar to stepping into the future because it is the future. Most Teslas are equipped with advanced Sentry Mode monitoring cameras. Turns out there are Tesla haters in this world. Teslacams all over the world have captured haters damaging parked vehicles. Why? we will never know. Jealousy is […]

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by , 15th Dec 20 10:58 am

Many car owners strive to bring the shine and polish of a new car every time they wash their vehicle. Even a small, unassuming element can damage your car’s paintwork. Even if you are mindful and in constant vigilance, a tiny dead bug or a kid’s scribble can ruin the painted surface of your car. […]

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