by , 4th Jun 21 2:44 pm

Manny Koshbin started at the very, very bottom to go and become a self-made $100M property developer. In many ways we here at DCB HQ identify with Manny, we too started at the bottom, but unlike Manny, we are still at the bottom. Anyway, Manny drives his Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe for a YouTube […]

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by , 27th Apr 21 3:07 pm

Autogefuhl is fully embracing Audi’s new range of all-electric EVs. But he isn’t embracing a conscious sense of fashion. But at least he has used lock-down to really develop those deltoids. The Audi Q4 e-Tron uses the proprietary technology found in the VW ID4. It is an ID4 dressed in Audi’s design language. Electric vehicles […]

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by , 21st Apr 21 4:57 pm

Yes folks it is totally true, this is the Huawei Seres SF5 and no it isn’t a bad dream. And yes we can see hints of the Porsche Macan. And no we can not explain the odd rear c-pillar kink. Twenty years ago China was a relatively backward impoverished nation. It has gone from rags […]

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by , 6th Apr 21 11:17 am

From corporate events to that pending road trip, you can rent a car for many reasons. However, insurance is one option you can decide to opt for or not during this process. In most cases, individuals who avail car rentals certainly take out car rental insurance lobbied by car rental firms. This is because it is […]

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by , 25th Mar 21 11:06 am

Honda has revealed further details about the design language and approach behind the all-new generation hybrid only HR-V. It’s all about incorporating seamless, clean design philosophy with “strong” SUV stance. Honda began by focusing on its ‘Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum’ (M/M) development principle, which is based on the belief that the purpose of technology and design is to […]

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