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The taxi and limousine industry features vehicles provided by organizations, partnerships, and independent traders, that offer passenger transportation services. These services include an array of luxury passengers transportation services, such as limousines or luxury sedans. What’s more, the taxi and limousine industry is today experiencing an upswing in business. There is an increase in demand […]

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by , 17th Nov 20 12:35 pm

We love Toyota, if you want highly reliable, really well (and it must be said) simple good honest engineering wrapped up in dull ugly styling then you can’t go wrong if that is what your life is worth. In life, you pay for what you get and the Toyota Crown is one such car that […]

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by , 13th Nov 20 1:21 pm

The names Bond… James Bond, one of the most famous movie quips of all time. Always copied never bettered, the quote will always belong to the late Sean Connery who recently passed away aged 90. The name’s Bond, James Bond was uttered by Connery in the first-ever Bond movie Dr No. The franchise has spawned […]

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by , 6th Nov 20 11:31 am

You might have to wait until the end of the current pandemic to get behind the wheel of the new Vauxhall Crossland. Vauxhall is putting the health of their customers before profits. You can’t argue with that kind of logic and we salute Vauxhall for showing such valiant concern for future customers. The new Crossland […]

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by , 22nd Oct 20 11:23 am

This Suzuki Across is desperately trying not to be a Toyota Rav4 because it is indeed a Toyota RAV4. The Across is the equivalent of buying a £99 suit from Topshop, removing the label, and replacing it with a Hugo Boss label. In this case, the suit is the Toyota RAV4 and the wearer is […]

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