by , 13th Jan 21 2:37 pm

In the most unlikely of partnerships Foxconn, a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer, and Geely Motors have announced they will partner to provide contract manufacturing services for external clients. The move will allow Geely to specifically sell its modular EV platform to other automakers. The partnership will allow Foxconn to sell its electronic components and […]

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by , 4th Jan 21 11:23 am

Nicki Shields, who we have never before heard of, is a YouTube car reviewer. Nicki compares the Hyundai Ioniq to a pint of milk. Fascinating. If the Daily Car Blog ever used such mental gymnastics the career sociopaths over at Hyundai UK would laugh us off from the face of the planet. They simply laugh […]

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by , 29th Dec 20 12:41 pm

Norway, the land of brown cheese on waffles, bunads and overpriced blueberries and beer. Norway, a land of plenty and massive personal space and taco bars. That being said, you don’t think of Norway as a hub for supercars, it is a wealthy country but Norwegians don’t do in your face public displays of wealth, […]

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by , 25th Dec 20 3:03 pm

We debated the philosophical merits of featuring a deepfake Tom Cruise starring as the protagonist in the popular Uncharted video game series. Deepfake technology leverages powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate or generate visual and audio content with a high potential to deceive. The technology is at a relatively early stage […]

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by , 18th Dec 20 3:24 pm

If you wish to drive a one of a kind car that looks sporty along with a splendid performance, Alfa Romeo and Fiat are the best brands. While the Italian manufacturer is renowned for its body styling and strong engine capabilities, Fiat is a classic brand known for its efficient transmission and suspension. Put together, the […]

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