by , 29th Mar 21 11:24 am

Subaru sells really well in the USA, the company enjoyed sales of 611,938 in 2020 which is actually 12.59% down on 2019 due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, it demonstrates how well the brand performs in the second-biggest car market in the world. In the UK Subaru sold 951 vehicles. Not over one specific month, […]

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by , 23rd Mar 21 2:58 pm

Digital designer and automotive design concept guy, Khyzyl Saleem, has been busy visualizing his latest creation. A widebody Porsche Taycan. If you think it looks incomplete then fear not, Saleem admits as much on his Instagram account. The near photo-realistic renders are difficult to tell from the real thing but believe me (you should never […]

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by , 19th Mar 21 7:27 pm

What are the 3 best Super cars? well, they are not just about speed. Here we discuss what makes a car super, ergo super car which is not defined by performance but comfort, pride, and high-end technological features; their sheer level of prestige also speaks volumes. But with so many luxury cars out on the […]

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by , 12th Mar 21 11:22 am

Jarama is a river in central Spain that flows north to south and passes east of Madrid. It was also the scene of fierce fighting between Nationalist and Republican forces during the 1937 Spanish Civil War. A Civil War is an oxymoron for there is nothing civil about war. You don’t expect people to say […]

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by , 4th Feb 21 12:39 pm

Looks like the military-industrial complex, under the guise of the new Joe Biden administration is prepping for yet another petro-dollar war under the secondary guise of wanting to bring peace, democracy and prosperity to nations that don’t require such a one-sided, neo-liberal, dictatorial political doctrine. If you live in Venezuela or Syria, you better wait […]

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