by , 21st Jan 21 2:01 pm

This is the all new Mercedes EQA, the pure electric variant of the GLA. And when Mercedes revealed the price I spat my morning socially distanced coffee out in disgust. I always happen to be drinking coffee when reacting badly to the news. Nevertheless, the Mercedes EQA will cost €47,000, $50,000 in the North American […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 11:02 am

In a bid to boost new year sales BMW has released the X2 M Mesh Edition which is based entirely upon the M Sport X model trim. While the branding may sound ridiculous to mere mortals, to the BMW marketing team it’s a job well done. Nevertheless, the BMW X2 M Mesh Edition features exclusive […]

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by , 13th Jan 21 11:47 am

If you want to know why we believe the Volkswagen Polo is so overrated and is no better than a plastic bucket you can buy on Aliexpress then here is an example. The VW Polo is due for an update in 2022 and a spy photographer captured next year’s model out in the open being […]

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by , 6th Jan 21 12:27 pm

There is a good reason why the Daily Car Blog never invested in a Youtube channel. None of us have the face for presenting in front of a camera. And we have nothing of interest to say. That’s why we are happy to leave the technical stuff YouTubers such as Engineering Explained. They do the […]

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by , 5th Jan 21 12:48 pm

In perhaps the most preposterous news of the new year, reports are circulating that MG is readying an all-electric sports coupe. Let’s step back a bit shall we? Such a development would have been impossible if MG was still under British management. Thankfully MG is in Chinese ownership and doing OK. And the Chinese are […]

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