by , 24th Mar 21 12:42 pm

Cleaning a Ferrari 512BBi after 12 years of neglect is a difficult task for sure. The 512BBi was produced from 1973 to 1984, only 2,323 were ever made. The 512’s successor was the Testarossa. As of today, the current successor is the 812 Superfast. We reckon after the Testarossa Ferrari lost their styling direction and […]

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by , 16th Mar 21 2:23 pm

The Suzuki Jimny is somewhat of a style icon, the designers really nailed the exterior design language. It’s got that bit of rough edge about it that made the original Land Rover Defender so… Defendery. And now the Jimny is getting a bigger brother, a commercial variant was seen testing in Southern Spain. The spy […]

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by , 11th Mar 21 12:26 pm

Shmee150 is moving his London-based exotic supercar collection worth close to £1 million GBP, to a new home. The supercar YouTuber reveals he spends £5,000 per year on renting his current Central London garage space. And he’s had enough of paying the rent so decided it’s time to pack up, move out, and onto another […]

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by , 11th Mar 21 11:51 am

Yet another electric vehicle start-up is debuting yet another concept. We’ll be seeing a lot of never before heard companies piggy-backing on the silicon valley backed EV gold rush. Many of these start-up companies will fall stumble and get back up again only to fall into bankruptcy. Others will become part of larger organisations and […]

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by , 4th Mar 21 11:48 am

It was just another Friday afternoon for Mark Loria who was travelling in his Semi-truck, Northbound on Route 29 just outside Warrenton, Virginia. Suddenly a pickup truck speeds by, modified, oversized tyres. It appears the owner simply bolted on large tyres to raise the ride height and to give his ego a boost. Turns out […]

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