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Many people dream of having their cars. The ability to cruise and move from one point to another brings luxury to one’s life. Because of this, many people seek ways they can have a car. You can either save up money to buy one or acquire it through a car lease. It would be best […]

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by , 8th Jul 21 2:41 pm

Owning a car, whether you have acquired it through car lease or bought it, is exciting. But maintaining it isn’t.  If you want your car in top condition, you must maintain it properly. Besides being in good shape, having a properly maintained car is crucial as it ensures your safety, the safety of fellow drivers […]

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by , 5th Jul 21 1:55 pm

With modern mining, processing, and fabrication techniques, titanium products are more accessible and useful than ever before. It currently has a Producer Price Index of 168 as of May 2021, a 10 percent decrease from what it cost to produce two years ago. This formidable metal has myriad industrial uses, but right now, it’s most marked influences […]

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by , 2nd Jul 21 12:05 pm

Over a year ago Suzuki UK had to discontinue sales of the Jimny because it didn’t meet strict emissions regulations. However, the company has found a loophole by threading a new narrative and turning the Suzuki Jimny into a light commercial vehicle for business users. Come on Suzuki, you’re havin’ a laugh. That being said […]

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by , 29th Jun 21 4:16 pm

Drifting a Ferrari F40 be like… drifting a Ferrari F40. Although the F40’s intention was to be a flagship showcase for technology and know-how of its time, we’re pretty sure it was never meant to be used as a rally car. Actually, you might be surprised to learn that the F40’s original homologations were intended […]

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