by , 4th Jun 21 12:37 pm

Hey! The Citroen DS 9 has landed on the UK shores. But will you have to wait for the pandemic to end before you can order one? We can’t really answer that and neither can Citroen, we’re just telling you what the horse has told us. But we do know the DS 9 will have […]

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by , 1st Jun 21 5:18 pm

YouTuber I Do Cars gets his hands on a busted Ford F150 3.5-litre Ecoboost engine. The mission is to discover why the engine ceased. The F150 is the most popular vehicle on sale in the USA. This particular engine teardown is a chance to see how much Ford cares for its F150 customer base. The […]

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by , 27th May 21 4:14 pm

The screenless Elva is McLaren Automotive’s lightest-ever road car and the target for the windscreen version is around 20kg heavier, even with the inclusion of electronically synchronised rain-sensing wipers, washer jets and sun visors, as well of course as the heated glass windscreen within a carbon fibre surround. The Active Air Management System (AAMS) is […]

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by , 24th May 21 12:57 pm

Brabus do what Brabus do. They take an everyday expensive performance vehicle and ‘AK47’ it with engineering machine gun bravado. The German tuner has taken a ‘normal’ V8 twin-turbo, 563bhp AMG GLE 63 S and replaced the powerplant with a thermonuclear reactor. In reality, the engineering upgrades include an engine -remap, modified turbos and a […]

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by , 21st May 21 4:26 pm

Even though defining what a sports car is can be tricky, many people have a knack for deciding that a vehicle is a sports model based on the thrill and the sound it produces. To help clear the debate, the dictionary defines a sports car as “destined for performance at high speeds.” Sports cars put […]

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