by , 27th Jul 21 2:29 pm

It’s one thing about driving a car that everyone dreads — getting stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Manufacturers rarely include full spare tires as standard equipment, so if you didn’t request one when you bought your car, you’re probably left with a donut.  These small spares are useful, but […]

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by , 20th Jul 21 2:14 pm

When your car has been with you for a long time, it will show signs of aging. Especially if you don’t properly take care of it, your car will look old sooner than you would like. Here are some ways to keep your car look new. To make your car look new, you have to […]

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by , 19th Jul 21 2:52 pm

It appears that BMW customers are not into engine specs or performance or even tree-hugging emissions. They just want a BMW badge, preferably a limited edition BMW because it is a sign of success. It is the second home in the South of France they cannot afford. Just as long as the appearance suggests otherwise, […]

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by , 15th Jul 21 2:57 pm

As the 2021 British Grand gears up this coming weekend, Aston Martin’s PR team, for once, made the smartest decision it has made in many years. In the run-up to the Grand Prix, they decided to reveal the all-new Valhalla. PR perfection… for once said I. Anyway, Valhalla is a mythical bloodthirsty afterlife where the […]

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by , 14th Jul 21 11:58 am

Germany and France are the European Union. They are the two most economically powerful countries. Germany is essentially the EU’s principal banker, the Jupiter of the union by which all other member states are locked in a permanent orbit. Germany and France set the rules and the lawmaker’s job in Brussels is to simply rubber-stamp […]

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