by , 13th Apr 21 11:59 am

American Trucks’ new video breaks down the features and installation of the NOVA-Series LED projector headlights. At a price-point of just over $1300, the video helps 2018 –2020 F-150 owners decide whether this premium upgrade is right for them. Customers can head to AT’s website to shop for a wide selection of F150 headlights including […]

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by , 13th Apr 21 11:37 am

The Skoda Kodiaq… it is the big friendly SUV. God damn, we love Skoda and the Skodiacs (ergo Skoda) have done it again. Here today, presented to us before our very eyes is the revised Kodiaq. Five years in the making, now showroom ready and proudly wearing new design changes like a boss. It was […]

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by , 7th Apr 21 11:58 am

The Mercedes CLS, shrouded under a dark cloud of low demand, has fled the USA. Americans have abandoned sleek 4-door coupes for SUVs and pickup trucks. Pickup trucks allow Americans to retro-fit deadly automatic rifles for outdoor hunting pursuits, killing bears and mass shootings. You can’t do that in a Mercedes CLS Coupe. In Europe, […]

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by , 6th Apr 21 10:53 am

Mat Watson has stepped right into it after being caught by his camera crew slumming it during a call of nature moment of shame. We contacted Carwow to confirm if Watson would consider investing in incontinence pants, they have yet to respond. The superstar YouTube presenter has gone to extra levels to produce consistently fun […]

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by , 26th Mar 21 11:36 am

WhistlinDiesel AKA Cody Detwiler is a YouTuber from jerk water rural Indiana. He primarily earns a living from mucking around, filming his everyday “mucking around” lifestyle and uploading to the YouTube. WhistlinDeisel spends most of his time wrecking vehicles and having fun and finding new innovative ways of wrecking vehicles. He also does a lot […]

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