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In the build-up to the 2021 British Grand Prix, Tom Cruise appeared on Channel 4’s live F1 coverage as the pre-race star attraction. But Cruise doesn’t do normal interviews, the restless superstar’s movies have grossed over $8BN. And his appearance was to subliminally promote his new Top Gun movie. If he isn’t running on screen, […]

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by , 19th Jul 21 1:58 pm

The Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton battle for the world drivers championship reached breaking point at the 2021 British Grand Prix. The weekend began with a new qualifying format and despite qualifying on pole Hamilton lost out to Verstappen in the qualifying sprint race which reset the grid for Sunday. Sounds confusing? The new qualifying […]

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by , 13th Jul 21 2:06 pm

Did You Own or Lease A Diesel Mercedes or BMW Between 2007 and 2020? Because if you did own or lease a diesel Mercedes or BMW between 2007 and 2020 you could be in line for compensation. Diesel cars made by Mercedes and BMW during this period produced significantly more emissions than advertised. Mercedes and […]

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by , 9th Jul 21 10:13 am

The Formula One Season is not even half done, yet tensions are bubbling to the surface over at McLaren. Daniel Ricciardo jumped into the seat vacated by Carlos Sainz for the 2021 campaign. With 7 wins and 31 podiums, Ricciardo is a proven race winner who has depth and plenty of raw speed. The Aussie […]

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by , 7th Jul 21 10:52 am

The sound of music or the soundless Toyota Mirai? Toyota says hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world. That is true, but why is the most abundant element in the universe not the most abundantly used fuel in the world? That is the real question Toyota does not want to answer. Hydrogen is […]

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