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Smart, Germany’s micro-car answer to Mini, is being raised from the dead again. To be fair Smart isn’t dead, it’s like a cat reaching the summit of its quota of 9 lives. The brand is now 50-50 owned between Geely Motors and Mercedes. Together they are planing a Sino Teutonic re-rebirth. The plan is to […]

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The McLaren Artura may well look like the out-going 570s in form and dimensions, but clever marketing will make you believe it is an all-new model. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Artura is a heavily revised evolution of the 570s, but saying so isn’t accurate because it is all-new from the […]

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That someone is concept artist Yasid Oozeear has put his Wacom Tablet and pen to serious use with his depiction of this concept Dodge Challenger SRT Pickup Truck. The London-based freelance artist specializes in vehicle design. One day, upon a sudden, he was guided by a mysterious light that echoed into his mind the thought, […]

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Is there anything quite as exciting as buying or leasing a new car? It can be so tempting during the customisation section to get carried away with the optional extras. Solid or metallic paint? Satnav? Parking sensors? How about keyless entry? The optional extras list just gets longer and longer, so it’s easy to become […]

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When you have an old pickup truck that’s seen better days, it can be tough to know what to do. Sure, it might be less hassle to ditch it and make it someone else’s problem. But when you know that there’s a great truck under there that just needs a little love, care and attention, […]

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