by , 10th Oct 21 3:59 pm

Do you have an old clunker of a car that you’re looking to off-load quickly? Cars are never an investment, but if you’re thinking of upgrading your wheels, it would be nice to get a bit of money for your old ride. Some companies buy old or wrecked cars for cash, but it’s definitely a […]

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by , 4th Oct 21 2:36 pm

Influencers from across America were invited to test some of the first production-ready Rivian R1T pickup trucks. With over 830bhp and 900 lbft of torque, the Rivian R1T is being billed as the first electric Pickup Truck. It also carries a hefty price tag, with entry-level models starting from $67K. For that, you will get […]

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by , 4th Oct 21 12:32 pm

The banner headlines are incorrect, the Mercedes Indian production facility is indeed limited to assembling S Class saloons for the local market. The aim is to sidestep import duties, therefore, reducing the cost of an S Class to a more affordable price point. Buying a new S Class anywhere in the world isn’t exactly cheap. In […]

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by , 30th Sep 21 3:54 pm

Farmboy yokel, WhistlinDiesel, has bought a Ford Pickup truck powered by a 6.0-litre diesel. The diesel is an anathema to the American psyche. For an American, a diesel pickup truck is the work of the devil. So WhistlinDiesel decides to buy one and unleashes hell in a series of unfortunate tests. He conducts a number […]

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by , 15th Sep 21 2:26 pm

Hennessey doesn’t do normal, it does beer and dudes around a campfire biting the heads off rattlesnakes and drinking the residual snake venom. That’s how one imagines the Hennessey engineering team seeks inspiration. They weaponize everything that is normal and turn it into a mechanical force 10 hurricane. And that is exactly what they have […]

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