by , 30th Jul 21 3:55 pm

Rural lanes are beautiful to behold, but they can also be frustrating to drive at times. Countryside driving might be filled with rolling hills, breath-taking views and serene wildlife encounters but it could also see you being stuck behind a tractor, or having to wait patiently for a herd of cows to cross your path. […]

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by , 23rd Jul 21 11:47 am

Jaguar Land Rover pulled the reimagine plan rabbit out of the hat and held aloft redundancy notices to workers at the Halewood, Liverpool production facility. They are blaming the Coronavirus Pandemic when the blame really lies with the management. According to the Liverpool Echo, Jaguar Land Rover will kindly ask some members of the Halewood […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 2:50 pm

Due to safety concerns, vacationers across the USA are discovering the joys of RV travel, with 75% of RV owners recording record high rentals. RV sales continue to soar as more people discover the benefits of vacationing or renting their recreational vehicles. If you’re keen to hop on the recreational vehicle bandwagon, you’re probably wondering […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 2:26 pm

YouTube channel and pre-owned seller of cars, Emerald House of Cars, recently sold a used BMW M4. Not long after driving away the happy owner reported hearing a rattling emanating from the engine. So M4 was returned to get the issue looked at. A quote from a local BMW main dealer said it would cost […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 12:30 pm

Imagine you are manufacturing a new electric car. But you don’t want to use current lithium-ion battery technology because they are too heavy, have inefficient energy density and as we all know weight is a big killer in the electric car game. Then you hear of a breakthrough, what if the battery forms part of […]

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