by , 7th May 21 11:30 am

The Bugatti Chiron needs no introduction. If you don’t know it is a £2.5M ultracar. The performance specs alone can cause a nuclear winter. The 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbo is good for 1,500bhp and 1,600Nm of torque. The Chiron delivers the zero to 60mph dash in 2.3 seconds, and can go on to reach a top […]

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by , 6th May 21 2:09 pm

If Genesis thinks it can flog a tarted-up Hyundai with a real perforated leather interior and rebrand it as a premium luxury alternative to Audi, BMW and Mercedes then they are heading towards a major ass-whooping. And I, yes I will be there to watch it unfold with a tub of popcorn in one hand […]

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by , 27th Apr 21 3:30 pm

Dogs make for wonderful companions, so much so that some people want to make it a point to have them go with them wherever they go. And while this is not a bad idea at all, especially since it’s a chance for you to bond with your dog more, you have to make sure that […]

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by , 19th Apr 21 3:37 pm

It is with a heavy heart that we place the Audi A7 sedan into the category of the worst car of the week. We never imagined this day would happen and we are struggling to take it all in. The Audi A7 sedan is an abomination, a rare styling mistake from a brand consistently “killing […]

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by , 14th Apr 21 12:12 pm

With people having limited movement because of the pandemic, carsharing rose dramatically. It made little sense to pay car expenses when you could barely even use it so it makes sense. This rise in car sharing made people take notice of how much they were using their cars and how much it cost. Now they […]

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