by , 21st Jan 21 3:56 pm

Cars aren’t like dogs. You don’t hold up a treat and get them to snaffle it out of your hands. Still, admit it – the idea of doing tricks in your motor is pretty exciting, isn’t it?! After all, not everyone has the money to afford a top of the range Tesla that comes with […]

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by , 19th Jan 21 1:11 pm

To begin with, it is a laboratory reality, however, the milestone to produce electric cars capable of fully recharging in five minutes has moved a step closer. StoreDot is an Israeli based company at the forefront of electric battery technology and has demonstrated an “extremely fast-charging” battery to clients and potential new investors. StoreDot’s current […]

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by , 14th Jan 21 1:36 pm

Huber is a bespoke coach builder based in Dubai,the United Arab Emirates, with an international audience of supercar owners who want to stand out from the crowd because in Dubai appearance is everything. Entitled ‘Era’ to mark ten years of the Lamborghini Aventador, and to pay homage to the end of its production, the team […]

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by , 13th Jan 21 3:10 pm

Do you know that fuel-powered vehicles make up 72% of Co2 emissions? And with the growing number of car owners around the world, there is every reason to be worried. So, what can we do to reduce if not eliminate these emissions from vehicles? Policymakers have been working day and night to minimize emissions by […]

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by , 6th Jan 21 11:37 am

If you are wondering where the Kia Optima has gone, so are we. The Optima has quietly disappeared from the UK market and we the British are left with a far better, albeit more expensive, proposition. As with all automotive updates the Kia Stinger receives rather modest changes for 2021. Although you might notice a […]

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