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There are few places you spend more time than in your car. So, it’s natural to want to modify your vehicle to emanate your personality and taste a little more than it does when first out of the factory. This could also increase the value of your car for novelty buyers if your modifications are […]

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by , 4th Sep 20 9:48 am

Nanotech batteries, that’s the future of battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries have reached their limits in terms of energy density. If you take gasoline and realise in some sense you have concentrated sunlight from the time of the dinosaurs. The number of joules inside a kilogram of gasoline is significantly larger than the energy content of […]

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by , 26th Aug 20 9:54 am

There are lots of reasons you might take a break from driving. You might live somewhere with great public transport, so you don’t feel the need to drive for a while. You could take a break because you can’t justify the cost of owning a car or you just don’t use one that often. You […]

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by , 20th Aug 20 10:16 am

Whether you’re restoring a classic car or just need a change of scenery for your daily driver, painting your vehicle can be an expensive proposition. If you get it done professionally, you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege. Tackling it as a DIY project can be just as expensive, especially if you make a […]

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by , 14th Aug 20 3:08 pm

The Ford Bronco is selling faster than hot dog burgers at a 50,000 strong, not socially distanced anti-masker convention. Otherwise known as an illegal rave. The all-new generation Bronco isn’t even in the showrooms just yet. Ford received 165,000 pre-orders in the first three weeks of being made officially available online. Bronco customers slapped down […]

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