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Toyota does many great things and also a few questionable things. It’s the Toyota way. To remedy this blip of inconsistency Taiwan based Flat Hat 3D Studio has just revealed a Toyota Supra concept… and it looks harsh. Which is a good thing. The company created a 3D visual of a radical-looking Toyota Supra reimagined […]

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by , 25th Dec 20 1:14 pm

Peugeot has launched the e-208 GT Premium, a new model derivative-derivative of a derivative. The e-208 GT Premium packs in a 100kw (136bhp) electric motor and a bunch of standard equipment taken from the petrol and diesel versions and re-marketed to make you feel special. The e-208 GT Premium includes distinctive full LED headlamps with […]

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by , 21st Dec 20 11:53 am

Samurai Cop was a 1991 D-Movie made for the straight-to-video VHS market. The 1990s was an era when D-Movies were in their prime, and Samurai Cop is rated as the best of the worst in the history of the D-Movie era. Indeed it is often listed as one of the worst films ever made. It’s […]

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by , 19th Dec 20 4:07 pm

This is the Fordzilla P1, a virtual gaming race car designed in collaboration between gamers themselves and a car brand. While seeing real cars transferred to computer games is commonplace, this is the first-ever time an auto-manufacturer has brought to life a gamer-collaborated virtual car – yet to be featured in a game – with a […]

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by , 11th Dec 20 12:10 pm

Remember when Volkswagen spent 25 years pretending (one could argue lying) by repeatedly claiming their diesel engines were the cleanest in the business? This is similar to Donald Trump referring to the coal industry as “beautiful and clean”. Well, Volkswagen is claiming the new breed of VW electric cars will offer a total range of up […]

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