by , 10th Aug 21 12:15 pm

Well, this is a surprise, albeit in the age of the internet a short-lived surprise. As usual, yet another mysterious internet leak confirmed the resurrection of the legendary Bertone designed Lamborghini Countach. The mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive Countach is one of the defining supercars, perhaps of all time. And now after 50 years since the Countach was […]

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by , 27th Jul 21 12:02 pm

Restoring classic cars is a favorite pastime of many automobile aficionados. There’s something about bringing an authentic version of one of your favorite cars back to life in the modern day. But, restoring these treasured gems isn’t always a walk in the park.  In fact, classic cars are known to have a plethora of common […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 2:06 pm

During a recent media interview, the CEO of Aston Martin, Tobias Moers, outlined his vision for the next generation DB11 and Vantage. The front-engine sports cars will switch to an all-electric source of power, that is to say, pure electric powertrains. This is a surprise because there have been suggestions from the company that the […]

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by , 19th Jul 21 12:01 pm

The Jeep Wrangler is manufactured in Toledo, Ohio but its true meaning in life is given by Militem, an Italian-based company whose sole purpose is to bespoke the hell out of your Jeep. The Militem Ferox Adventure is based on the 4-door Wrangler JL. It features a 2.0 litre 272 hp petrol engine or a […]

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by , 16th Jul 21 2:59 pm

Many people are often in situations when they are simply locked out of their homes, cars, etc. These situations can happen to anyone, and you should not feel alarmed because there is a solution to every problem. A foolish thing to do here would be trying on your own to manage this issue. Still, many […]

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