Cupra Formentor Voted Hottest SUV At Carbuyer 2022 Awards!

Cupra Formentor is Supra - dailycarblog

It’s the awards season! Cupra, which is kind of like a portmanteau of Seat and Volkswagen, has won a prestigious award at the 2022 Carbuyer shindig. That is to say the Seat Cupra Formentor has won something. We here at DCBHQ always advise you, the car buying consumer, to ignore annual awards given to car companies by media organisations. Especially car magazines because the top motoring publications are by definition in cahoots with the motoring manufactures. It makes sense, Cupra which is a Seat/Volkswagen in disguise have advertising spend power and they effectively keep many motoring publications in business.

It’s like a mafia relationship because Cupra, which is a Seat/Volkswagen in disguise, need something in return. Afterall, how did Carbuyer come to the conclusion that the Formentor is the hottest SUV on the market? What metrics did they use? Well, they did use the subjective opinion of “good looks”. I suppose that is a type of metric. They say the Formentor does have “punchy engines” measured against what exactly? Tyson Fury?

Supra Cupra Formentor - Dailycarblog

I am sure they drove many SUVs to justify the Cupra Formentor award. We have to respect their credibility. Carbuyer also says that the Formentor is an engaging drive. The Formentor is based on the iconic bloody awful Volkswagen Tiguan, and styled like a dressed up corpse. But an engaging drive? We hardly think so even if the chassis has been tweaked, we know it will be merely bleeding awful, which admitedly is a step up from Tiguan’s bloody awfulness.

Annual media driven car industry awards are so devised to supplement the awards industry business and bequeaths free publicity to car manufactures. But if you give away free booze to motoring hacks, a recent Seat/Cupra modus operandi, then a donkey named Seat could win the title of the hottest SUV of 2022. It’s that simple, when it comes to car award season, money and free media booze talks.

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