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Malaysia Bans EV Conversions of ICE Cars

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Actually, Malaysia has not banned the practice of converting ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars into EVs, because there is no official ban. However, undertaking such a task is simply not allowed according to current laws as set out in the country’s Road Traffic Act 1987. However there is a loophole, according to, authorization to convert an ICE car to an EV can be attained if the conversion is designated as “special motor vehicles”. In other words, you can convert an ICE car to run on an EV powertrain specifically for conducting tests or trials.

However, the conversion/prototype must go through a number of federal procedures before approval is granted. Which is a professional way of saying government interference. In addition, the chassis number and serial number must be untampered and the vehicle’s top speed can not exceed 50km/h. Indeed Maylasian federal authorities have strict oversight for such conversions even down to how individual EV components are wired, presumably for safety reasons.

Malaysia does have access to pure electric cars from the likes of Honda, Mini, VW, Renault, Hyundai. But the elephant in the room, Tesla, has no presence at all within the country.

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