Why is Auto Hail Repair So Important in Denver, Colorado?

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To decide how important auto hail repair in Denver, Colorado is would to some extent make you a weather forecaster. However, we only have to go on what has happened in the past in Denver, and more broadly Colorado in terms of hailstorms, to know what kind of damage might be caused to vehicles in the future.

Thankfully, a Paintless Dent Repair in Denver is as easy as a home maintenance job, except that a professional with many years of experience in the auto repairs business will take care of it for you.

A Historical Insight Into Denver, Colorado’s Weather

According to the Köppen climate classification BSk, Denver’s weather comes from its semi-arid climate which experiences very low humidities. The proximity of the Rocky Mountains to its west will always influence its weather.

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On the plus side, Denver experiences approximately 3,100 hours of sunshine per year. However, on the downside and for motorists to fear, a large part of the severe weather season in Colorado is made up of hailstorms, historically. This equates to tens of thousands of pounds in terms of damage. This is to homes, businesses, crops, and vehicles. To give an idea of the amount of hail that can fall, sometimes snowplows are required to clear roads. If you have lived here for a long, then you will be well aware of this.

The most expensive hailstorm to hit Colorado was on July 11th, 1990. The storm began around Estes Park before it moved on to the southeast, continued past the foothills, and then ended up over Denver’s metro area before petering out on the northeast side of Colorado Springs. Records are always there to be broken, so everyone has to be prepared for what might happen again. So, in everyone’s notebook, after what happened, should be a list of repairers should the worst happen. This will include vehicle repairers, and preferably those offering Paintless Dent Repairs, along with roof repairers.


Vehicles are our means to commute to employment, so it is useful to have a vehicle repairer who can get our vehicle back on the road quickly. The Paintless Dent Repair or PDR technique that is available in Denver does this effectively.

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Denver in Colorado is known as the Mile High City and full of busy people wanting to get on with their working lives post-storm. It has been described as a place where sophisticated urban people meet with outdoor adventure. With outdoor adventure, of course, comes the risk of exposure to hailstorms, when and wherever they may happen.

From an employment point of view, there are those in Denver employed in the craft breweries which are thriving, as well as those cooking in the chef-driven dining areas. Then there is the vibrant music scene, too, that is also within easy reach of Denver’s famous Rocky Mountains. Everyone here needs their vehicle, and so auto hail repairs in Denver are an essential part of the services on offer.

Vehicle Insurance

There is little point in having vehicle insurance if we are not going to make use of it. One of the times when we will want to is when significant damage is caused by hailstones. Denver insurers are prepared for that and, with it being “an act of God”, will cover it when full insurance cover is purchased from them.

The resale value of a hailstone-hit car will be severely impacted. A good repair, such as a Paintless Dent Repair, can take care of this. Damage is likely where hail is larger than an inch in terms of its diameter. Mild hail damage can often be protected against.

Sometimes insurers will write-off a vehicle because the cost of repairs after the hailstones have hit is more than the value of the car. You can, of course, elect to sort out the damage yourself with an auto repairer when the vehicle has sentimental value. Otherwise, when an insurer is involved there can be all sorts of inspections and paperwork required before a  statutory write-off can be returned to the road. So, it is important to know a competitive repairer and one familiar with PDR to keep your costs down in this instance and not be too inconvenienced by the hailstorm.

To conclude, auto hail repair is important to Denver, Colorado residents because there is a history of hailstorms that cannot be ignored in terms of their severity. The employment scene means that many people will rely on their vehicles to carry on with their business. PDR can promise a quick return of vehicles and costs that are reasonable whether or not it is necessary to bypass insurers to sort out the damage and keep your vehicle on the road.

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