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The Odd Looking Honda Civic Badly Needs This Mugen Bodykit

Mugen Honda Civic Bodykit revealed - dailycarblog

The Honda Civic has looked odd for many years now and that is an unfortunate part of its appeal. But it is better than having no appeal at all. And the latest-generation Honda Civic is showing the same odd styling evolution. We all know how reliable Honda cars are. That in and of itself is a huge appeal. But the new-look Civic is what it is and when it launches in 2022 it will be around for a least 5-8 years. So we will have to live with it. That being said, how they can make the new HRV look cool and lose the plot with the Civic? We will never know.

And Mugen, a Honda performance division in all but name, has taken pity on the Civic. So much so that it has created an exterior styling kit ergo bodykit. The aggressive-looking front spoiler incorporates an aero-splitter. But you need to be traveling over 80mph to generate the required downforce. Let’s just say the average Honda owner doesn’t do high-speed driving. The side skirts also incorporate aerodynamic extensions. The rear incorporates a diffuser.

Mugen Honda Civic Bodykit revealed - Rear - dailycarblog

And to top off that need for speed look, attached to the rear boot is a fixed spoiler. The bodykit is finished in black as is the window trim and it contrasts well with the white paint finish. The Mugen bodykit is meant to give a more muscular look, but it doesn’t really elevate the Civic to new heights. It looks neat and tidy. But this Mugen body kit is just for show, the 11th generation Civic will launch in European markets in 2022.

And the new-look car will be powered by a hybrid turbocharged 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, 180bhp, 240Nm engine and a 158bhp 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine. The Type R performance variant will most like launch a year later. For now, the Mugen bodykit is aimed at kindling hope for a better looking future.

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