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There’s a good reason why Ford vehicles have stood the test of time. And not only that – they’ve been constantly ranked in the world’s top manufacturers through the years. Ever since 1903, when Henry Ford founded the company, the US-based giant has strived to give the customer a fulfilling and comfortable experience on the road.

The second-largest manufacturer in the US behind General Motors, Ford offers a wide array of cars, SUVs, and trucks. The supermini Fiesta, for instance, has been produced over seven generations, with the newest model being introduced in 2018, and has enjoyed enormous popularity with families worldwide. The F-series trucks are unmatched in their category, being the best-selling vehicles both in the States and Canada.

How the Brand Developed

Henry Ford, the man who started it all, began laying the foundations down in the late 19th century. The first vehicle, known as the Quadricycle, may look funny today with its bicycle wheels and four-horsepower, but it was revolutionary back then. Go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/Ford-Motor-Company to learn more.

Of course, every automobile fan knows the legendary Model T, which propelled Ford to worldwide fame. The car was so popular that the inventor had to find an efficient way of producing it, resulting in the first assembly line. Now, the chassis was made for only an hour and a half, which lowered the price of the Model T and made it an affordable vehicle rather than a luxury item.

During World War II, the company had to shift its focus from civilian cars to military equipment. Times were rough and required adequate machinery to survive: the US army relied heavily on the military Jeeps. Also, the company extended its range by producing planes and aircraft engines at the manufacturing complex Willow Run.

 Ford’s influence on American culture in the 20th century is enormous: for instance, the company reduced working hours increased workers’ wages, essentially creating what is known as the American middle class.

In the 1950s and 1960s, models like the Thunderbird and the Mustang, and Taurus in the 80s, became iconic among car enthusiasts. Their reliability and modern designs conquered drivers and cemented the company’s status for years to come.

What is EcoBoost?

The automotive industry is striving towards a greener world, a task that is not easy to achieve if you’re dealing with gas emissions. Manufacturers deal with this issue by producing smaller turbocharged engines, and Ford is the pioneer in implementing this technology in the US. The idea, of course, is to retain the power and use less fuel, reducing air pollution. Check this website for more information.

There are several reasons for using turbocharging. One is to reduce engine costs. It’s easy to figure out why – if the powertrain costs less, the company can invest more in the vehicle’s safety features and general aesthetics, plus the infotainment (a portmanteau of information and entertainment). Other reasons are fuel economy and torque: even though the engine is smaller, it doesn’t lose any power.

The Importance of a Good Dealership

Buying a vehicle is not something you do every day. When looking for new Ford vehicles or used models, it’s crucial to look for a dealership that provides professional and transparent service. You can do this yourself by doing a little online research, or better yet, asking veteran motorheads for a piece of advice. You can even schedule a vehicle inspection for your own heart’s content. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of auto parts.

Now, it’s easier than ever to find out all the details about each particular model. Not all dealers all reasonable when it comes to pricing, so if something seems fishy in the money department, don’t be afraid to move on. Reputable companies will offer you more financing options, as they’re usually well connected with more than one bank.

Social media is a great way to pick a quality dealership for your car. Thanks to the many reviews, praises, or rants or complaints on Facebook, Twitter or Yelp, you can estimate the general public opinion on your preferred model and move on from there.

Something for Everyone

Ford hasn’t slowed down one bit in the 21st century.  The Mustang is as popular as ever in the sports cars department, and trucks such as the F-150, F-250, and F-350 are still favorites among drivers. Let’s take a brief look at the individual categories.

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