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Ford To Double Efforts After Strong Demand For Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford 150 Lightning EV Pickup - dailycarblog

Automotive industry observers know nothing. At best they make guestimates based on extrapolated data sets. It’s probably best to rely on gut instincts. Ford has probably relied on a mixture of both for the F-150 Lighting EV pickup truck because it will double the original production target. Ford initially earmarked 40,000 F-150 Lighting sales, however, it will now ramp up production to 80,000 units due to demand when it launches in 2022. However, the F-150 Lighting success can not match the success of the gas-guzzling F-150 which accounts for over 900,000 annual sales. Ford eventually expects F-150 Lightning’s annual production to reach around 160K units per year by 2025.

According to Ford 120,000 reservations have already been made online. The F-150 is the top-selling vehicle in America and has been for over four decades. Ford’s EV strategy spend will increase to $30Billion by 2030 helped by a possible $174BN federal auto investment fund to assist US car manufacturers in the great switch to a fully EV powertrain future. In the meantime, Ford will spend $850M on further developing the F-150 Lighting through to 2025.

Ford 150 Lightning - Dailycarblog

However, Ford has strong competition from the likes of the Rivian Pickup, and Tesla’s Cybertruck. Production of the highly anticipated Cybertruck has been postponed to 2022. Over 1 million people have registered and paid $100 to get on the Cybertruck waiting list. Both the Ford F-150 Lightning and Cybertruck have a suggested retail price starting at $40,000.

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