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Audi To Embrace Pure Electric Powertrains ASAP

Marcus Duesmann - Audi CEO - dailycarblog

Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi has revealed during a media interview that the company will go fully electric “as soon as possible”. When the internal combustion engines go so will plug-in hybrids, revealed Duesmann. Starting in 2026 Audi will only sell vehicles powered by pure electric powertrains. It is a radical shift for what is a legacy car manufacture. To survive Audi executives know they have to adapt to environmental legislations and concerns and go electric. If they don’t or continue to stall behind the scenes, Audi will be playing catch up for many years. And that could mean a significant loss of revenue.

For example, Toyota is trying to stall the introduction of pure electric powertrains arguing for hybrids powered by alternative fuels as an environmental escape clause. The Audi CEO also highlighted projections are forecasting sales of ICE models to fall below 20-percent by 2030. However, Duesmann added sales of internal combustion engine models will continue until 2033.

International territories such as China and the United States will have differing termination dates when it comes to the banning of ICE-powered cars. Both countries will end the sales of ICE models by 2035. Nevertheless, Audi is moving quickly and embracing electric cars early.

Finally, one member of the VW group is beginning to take responsibility.

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