Lando ‘The Kid’ Norris Makes Chest Beating Alpha Male Claim That He Can Beat Max Verstappen… DUH!


Lando ‘The Kid’ Norris may look as though he just skipped school choir practice to sell illegal Pokemon Game Cards outside the local chip shop to errant students. But make no mistake, the star McLaren F1 child driver is a highly capable and competitive animal. His performances for McLaren have been nothing short of outstanding. He is one of the few drivers who can maximise and elevate the performance of an average mid-field car. Norris is capable of delivering results that would make a Billy Goat puke. But he is still growing and he is growing up in the eyes and ears of the media. Like all children, Norris has that sense of invincibility and indestructibility about him.

He will lose such sensibilities as he gets older. But as of now in his elemental young man phase, he is making chest-beating alpha male young man claims. During A Media interview he said:

“100%, I believe I could give him [Verstappen] a run for his money. There are just different scenarios and situations where experience comes into play and you think ‘maybe he would have the upper hand on me in that scenario’ and I believe he is one of the best drivers ever in Formula 1.”

At 16 years old Lando ‘The Kid’ Norris is in his 3rd season of F1. Which makes him a seasoned campaigner. Norris is often running in the top 10 and claiming the odd podium. His stellar performances in a mid-field car have shaded his highly-rated teammate, Daniel ‘Old Man’ Ricciardo. Ricciardo, in his first year at McLaren, has struggled to adapt to the MCL35M chassis which has raised Norris’ net value, considerably.


Behind the secnes Norris has put in a lot of hard work:

Lando Norris:

“Coming into your third season, that’s the one when people are like ‘there are no excuses anymore’. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort, working a lot with my engineers to get results like we’ve done this year. And I guess with the addition of Danny [Ricciardo] coming into the team, there was a lot more eyes on what I’m going to be like versus Danny rather than the opposite way around.


Norris also revealed he has matured since his debut. He is even thinking of growing a mustache and has gained more confidence.

“I’m voicing my opinion more, not because I always believe my opinion is correct – a lot of the time it is! – but more because I’m confident in just saying so.”

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