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Jaguar Land Rover’s Re-imagine Plan Begins With Good Old Fashion Job Losses

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Jaguar Land Rover pulled the reimagine plan rabbit out of the hat and held aloft redundancy notices to workers at the Halewood, Liverpool production facility. They are blaming the Coronavirus Pandemic when the blame really lies with the management. According to the Liverpool Echo, Jaguar Land Rover will kindly ask some members of the Halewood workforce to take voluntary redundancy. We hope they go on strike and then take voluntary redundancy, just to throw salt into Jaguar Land Rover’s eyes. A Jaguar Land Rover PR robot claimed the redundancy notice was to:

“safeguard the long-term success of the business and “optimise performance”.

Although this isn’t confirmed, JLR is believed to be targeting the older members of the Halewood workforce who are close to retirement age. Which is an example of age discrimination. Ironically JLR, possibly, wants to avoid any potential legal action. Offering a big fat redundancy cheque is far less costly than paying lawyers to settle an age discrimination class action lawsuit.

Meanwhile, there is no mention of this in any of the major motoring media publications because they are too busy running cover for Jaguar Land Rover. As an example, it is noticeable that Autocar’s Steve Cropley shows concern for Vauxhall’s “loyal” Ellesmere workforce but doesn’t mention anything about the pending job losses at JLR.

But Autocar did post yet another interview with the JLR CEO Gerald Ratner AKA Thierry Bollore and a review of the hybrid Land Rover Defender. And the V8 Defender. Is the British media running cover for the corpse that is Jaguar Land Rover? It’s difficult not to say otherwise.

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