Unbox Therapy Dude Checks Out The F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning? Oh yes. We’re not Ford fanboys here at DCBHQ. And when the company is represented to journalists by Oliver ‘no self-awareness’ Rowe then you have a disaster movie in the making. There is no pause or rewind button. It’s a chattering, vain, unfunny sociopath, a scud missile of a human being who relishes taking a pot-shot at your expense. We didn’t much like Ford before and thanks to Oliver ‘Time Bomb‘ Rowe we are thankful that he showed us no mercy.

And then along comes the Ford F-150 Lightning. Finally, Ford has done something we actually like and is very interesting. And thankfully there are people out there who can shine a light on the good because that’s how you avoid the bad. When will PR people and former journalists turned PR diciples ever learn that they are ambassadors not crack heads and that they should be professional at all times?

Unbox Therapy dude does the job Ford is unable to do.

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