Sir David Beckham Invests In Restorative EV Startup Lunaz

Sir David Beckham - Lunaz Investor - dailycarblog

Sir David Beckham has become an investor in sustainable mobility. The former footballing ace becomes a 10 percent shareholder of Lunaz, an automotive tech startup up that fully upcycles and converts classic era motor vehicles into fully electric cars using Lunaz specific proprietary technology. Lunaz concentrates on taking classic cars stripping them down to the bare shell and completely re-engineering them from the ground to be pure electric compliant. They fully converted a 1955 Bentley Continental, and 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The Lunaz Rolls Royce Phantom, for example, runs off a 130kWh battery pack, is fast charge enabled and has an estimated range of 300 miles. The interior is also fully restored with the addition of a few modern conveniences. Such as an infotainment system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. But the cost is as much as a brand new Rolls Royce with options. The Lunaz electric Rolls Royce will set you back a whopping £500,000. And it is limited to just 30 examples.

Sir David Beckham - Lunaz Electric Rolls Royce - dailycarblog

Based near the Silverstone Race Circuit, Lunaz is comprised of former Aston Martin, F1, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, McLaren and Prodrive employees. And now Sir David Beckham joins as an investor. But don’t say this is a possible tax break for green investors with deep pockets.

Sir Daivd Beckham stated, through a PR statement:

“Lunaz represents the very best of British ingenuity in both technology and design. I was drawn to the company through their work restoring some of the most beautiful classic cars through upcycling and electrification. David Lorenz and his team of world-class engineers are building something very special and I look forward to being part of their growth.”

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