Most Expensive YouTubers Cars Revealed

Why didn’t we (DCB HQ) start a YouTube channel I hear you say? Well, no one hears what we say except our audience, the dog and next-door neighbors cat. The cat especially sits outside staring at us through the window, disappointed why we never did YouTubing and instead opted for blogging. Not one of us belongs on the screen be it HD, 1080p or 4K Ultra. But the small group of YouTubers who make it earn enough to buy big houses ergo mansions,

And big mansions need expensive exotic cars. Most of these popular YouTubers are young, in their early 20s. YouTubing is the new Goldrush and you don’t have to leave your house and go on an arduous journey. Prospecting is based on how many subscribers you generate. And all you need is a camera, internet access and the ability to give away your privacy. Totally worth it.

The cat is staring at us through the window again…

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