Drifting A Ferrari F40 Be Like…

Drifting a Ferrari F40 be like… drifting a Ferrari F40. Although the F40’s intention was to be a flagship showcase for technology and know-how of its time, we’re pretty sure it was never meant to be used as a rally car. Actually, you might be surprised to learn that the F40’s original homologations were intended for an experimental rally series that never happened.

Ferrari planned to make 400 F40’s but due to demand, they realized they could rake in a bit of extra cash by extending production to 1,311. When it was released in 1987 demand for the F40 was astronomical, it was like the Bitcoin of its era. The 1987 sticker price was $400,000,

Canny buyers quickly sold their F40s on earning double to desperate buyers looking to acquire the rarest and greatest Ferrari of them all. Anyway, it’s 2021, it’s a Ferrari, it’s an F40, being like…

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