Someone Decided To CGI A Tesla Model 3 Hatchback

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback - Daily car blog

That someone is a mysterious 3D Artist with no name who is known only by his Instagram profile sugardesign_1. Henceforth, the mysterious 3D Artist with no name will be known as sugardesign_1. And his sole purpose in life is not only to perfect his 3D artistry and visuals but to… continually perfect his 3D artistry and visuals. His Instagram feed is full of cool-looking car concepts. Mostly ordinary everyday cars reimagined and repurposed for a future that will never come to pass.

Take this Tesla Model 3 Hatchback concept, it will never be made by Tesla but at least it can be made in the fertile mind of sugardesign_1. Albeit a very convincing CGI render. And hatchbacks are way more practical than a saloon/sedan.

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback - Rear - Daily car blog

But the problem here is the Tesla Model Y which is a compact crossover SUV which therefore negates any need, if one exists, to make a Tesla Model 3 hatchback. And there is another problem here, the Tesla Model Y starts at $45k for the entry-level long-range edition.

I think we’ll take the Model 3 Hatchback concept because we can imagine it will be more affordable in that it exists in an alternate reality. Alternate realities are easily affordable, they require nothing more than imagination.

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