Why is Tesla Making The Switch To Tabless Batteries?

During Tesla’s battery day, yes such a nerd-fest day does exist, Elon Musk revealed the tabless battery. The tabless battery is what it is, a battery with no tabs at either end of the battery. Or the positive and negative terminals. By removing the tabs Tesla has significantly improved battery efficiency, longevity and reduced future manufacturing costs. The actual physics of how Tesla achieved this breakthrough milestone is complex. 

However, Tesla’s desire to develop the new battery was motivated by the need to meet increased annual production targets. By removing the positive and negative terminals, the tabs, Tesla has removed a lengthy portion of the battery manufacturing process. This in turn reduces bottlenecks during vehicle production.

The tabless battery will also offer improved energy density with no increase in size. This translates into an estimated 16-percent improvement and amounts to an extra 70 miles of battery range.

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