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Max Mosley, 1940-2021

Max Mosley, former President of the FIA between 1993-2009, has died after a long battle with ill health. He will be remembered for introducing sweeping new motorsport safety regulations following the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994. In the motorsport and automotive industry, his regulatory influence is still being felt to this day. However, in 2008 his complex personal life was subject to a tabloid sting operation. The event unfurled a personality at odds with the matter-of-fact logical mindset Mosley exuded as FIA President.

Max Mosley had dabbled in motorsports during his youth before going on to become a trained barrister. And during his tenure as FIA President, Mosely became the left-side of Bernie Ecclestone’s mind. At the height of their powers, the two acted almost as if they were one. Speaking to the media following Mosely’s death Ecclestone said:

Max Mosely - Dailycarblog

“Really, in a funny way we [Max Mosley] were like brothers. We trusted in each other which is the most important thing. And we could talk to each other if one of us had an idea or wanted to do something, and not upset each other.”

“We ended up doing so many things for F1, and we both did things in different ways.”

“He wanted to make sure the public at large had cars that were built properly, were not dangerous, not fragile. He was on the case, making sure they were put together.”

“And then we did a lot together with Formula 1 safety, with [Professor] Sid Watkins and myself, to make sure that when there were accidents people were looked after correctly.”

“Max was a very genuine, straightforward guy that didn’t like too much bulls**t…”

BBC F1 correspondent, Andrew Benson, gives an insightful account of the man who became F1’s ultimate power player. Click here to read the full article.

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