How to Scrap My Car in Hertfordshire

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Car scrapping in Hertfordshire is becoming the most popular way to get rid of an old or broken car.  It’s expensive to keep taking a car to a garage in Herts.  Car parts are pricey and often, an old car spends more time in the garage being repaired than on the road! 

It’s inconvenient and when you find you keep spending your hard-earned cash on car repairs in Hertfordshire, it soon mounts up – especially when you could be spending your money on other, pleasurable things.

Downsizing to One Car from Two Cars

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Costly repairs on a regular basis are one of the reasons why people scrap a car in Herts.  There’s another reason too.  Two-car families are sizing down to one car.  The recent pandemic means more and more people are working from home, with less need to take to the roads.  Public transport is better than ever before and with improved hygiene standards, it’s no wonder why it’s become the preferred mode of travel. 

Be Kind to the Environment

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There’s also the environmental impact.  You might have an old, disused car sitting on your driveway and while it seems as if it’s not causing any harm, actually, it could be.  The battery is full of acid and releases toxic fumes and old cars often have carbon-fueled engines.  That means they release carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas.  So, if you have a car that you don’t use sitting outside your house, get rid of it!  Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll also free up some useful space and get some extra money.

Selling an Old Car Versus Scrapping an Old Car

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Selling an old, broken car isn’t always the best answer.  Firstly, there’s the cost of advertising, then there’s the inconvenience of having visitors round to road-test your car and view it.  You might feel uncomfortable doing that during COVID-19!  There’s still a need to socially distance and no one wants to be put at risk, regardless of vaccination status.  It’s also likely you won’t get much money for a car that doesn’t run well, especially if it needs expensive parts to get it moving again – and if it’s a really temperamental vehicle, it might be a turn-off for a buyer.  Thinking of using a second-hand car sales garage?  Remember, the car salesman will take a chunk of the sale as commission. That’s why Scrapping a car in Herts is a brilliant alternative!

Always do Your Car Scrapping Homework


“Scrap my van?” – is that something you’re considering in Hertfordshire?  Whether it’s a car, van or bike, always do your homework first.  There are plenty of car scrap dealers in Hertfordshire but many of them don’t own their own scrapyard. They act as a third party and sell your car on, taking much of the profit for themselves.  That means you won’t get as much as you would at an ATF registered scrapyard in the local area – so always use an ATF registered business.  A quality scrapyard in Herts will organise everything on your behalf.  That means collecting your car from any address in Hertfordshire, for no extra charge.  UKCarMovement is one of the best car scrapping services in Herts and will come to your home or work address, pick up your vehicle (not just cars, it also deals with bikes and vans) and remove it for you, for no charge. It’s a good idea to leave your keys somewhere safe and have your log-book in your car too.

A premium scrapyard in Herts will take your car to their scrapyard and dismantle it in an environmentally friendly way.  Most car parts are recyclable, such as the scrap metal and the tyres.  This is very important nowadays, with so much focus on the environment, reducing landfill and the effects of toxic gasses.  That’s another reason why you must choose an expert scrapyard business in Herts.

Gather Car Scrapping Quotes

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Before you agree on scrapping your car, make sure that you get a quote.  You might want to shop around.  Remember, prices vary depending on where you live.  People who live in the North of the country may get a little more than those in the South. This is usually because the cost of running a business in the North is cheaper than in the South.  However, the price will probably be negligible.  Metal prices fluctuate too, as the market changes.  Sometimes, you might get a different quote on a Monday to a Friday but again, the difference will likely be very small. 

Same-Day Payment

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Once you’ve found a quote that suits you, you can book your car scrapping service.  It’s also worth seeing if your local car scrapyard will match a very good quote – more than likely, they will.  A good scrapyard will guarantee the money in your bank account on the same day as scrapping – isn’t that nice to know?

Get Your Certification

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Do make sure that the scrapyard in Herts you choose guarantees a COD (Certificate of Destruction).  This is of great importance.  It proves that your car was scrapped, and you should keep the document safe.  Without one, you could be liable for fines. For example, if your car is bought by an illegal scrap dealer, it may be re-used and end up involved in a collision.  It might be parked illegally or travel over the speed limit.  Another reason why using a reputable car scrapping service is paramount.

To summarise if your mind’s ticking over with “I must scrap my car near me,” then consider the following:

To summarise:

1. Question whether it’s worth selling an old car or one that is irreparable.

2. Shop around for the best car scrapping quote and see if your favourite car scrapyard will match your best quote.

3. Use an ATF registered scrapyard.

4. Book in a FREE collection and delivery service.

5. Leave your keys and log-book in a safe place, for the collection.

6. Ensure that your scrapyard of choice will send you your money on the same day as the scrapping service.

7. Make sure you receive your Certificate of Destruction from your car scrapyard (otherwise known as a COD).

8. Get your money and enjoy spending it on something other than car repairs!

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