Scotty Kilmer Car Hacks, How To Prepare Your Car For Road Trips

Scotty Kilmer car hacks are essential if you are about to go on a long road trip. Much of it is common sense, the key to ensuring your car can survive an arduous journey is to rely on good old fashion preparedness. There are seven pillars of Scotty Kilmer car hacks. Check tyre pressures, engine oil, lights etc.

Kilmer reveals he carries a spare battery, just in case. But really that is over kill. Or rather over-Kilmer. Poor jokes aside, Kilmer also reveals he carries a fire extinguisher. And in preparation for visiting his grandsons, he takes with him a toolbox.

Despite being a popular YouTuber with 4M subs, which means he is earning at least $20k – £30k per month from YouTube advertising alone, Kilmer drives a 2006 Toyota Matrix. That penny-pinching son of a gun.

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