Carwow’s Mat Watson Caught Squatting During Desperate Call of Nature Shame

Mat Watson has stepped right into it after being caught by his camera crew slumming it during a call of nature moment of shame. We contacted Carwow to confirm if Watson would consider investing in incontinence pants, they have yet to respond. The superstar YouTube presenter has gone to extra levels to produce consistently fun and informative content. In front of the camera, Watson is affable, down to earth, the mate next door. However, behind the scenes Watson is known as a fearsome workaholic, spending his time during off-camera moments rehearsing his Shuffle Dance routine as he prepares for the Mat Watson Shuffle Dance World Tour.

Behind the scenes, Watson is also known for his diva temperament. One insider, speaking under anonymity, told of a moment when Waston ordered mobile caterers to leave the set after his coffee was not served at the correct temperature. On another occasion, when his sandwich wasn’t cut exactly at a 45-degree angle, Watson yielded his star power to eat the sandwich and regurgitate it in front of the catering staff as a warning.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson wasn’t caught on camera during a call of nature shame. We did not contact Carwow to suggest buying incontinence pants for Mat Watson. We have never met Mat Watson. We can not truly say if Mat Watson is a Shuffle Dance junkie. There is no Mat Watson Shuffle Dance World Tour. Mat Watson does not have a diva temperament. Mat Watson does not have a specific coffee temperature preference. Mat Watson never ate a sandwich and regurgitated it in front of the Carwow catering staff. No one from Carwow has ever spoken to us under anonymity.

We made the whole damn stuff up. Making stuff up and hiding behind the banner of respectability is professional journalism 101. 

Legal Disclaimer Part II:

The Daily Car Blog is not respected for its journalism.

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