The Life And Times of WhistlinDiesel

WhistlinDiesel AKA Cody Detwiler is a YouTuber from jerk water rural Indiana. He primarily earns a living from mucking around, filming his everyday “mucking around” lifestyle and uploading to the YouTube. WhistlinDeisel spends most of his time wrecking vehicles and having fun and finding new innovative ways of wrecking vehicles. He also does a lot of pratfalling and making a lot of personal injury claims as a result of the pratfallin’ tomfoolery. 

In the old days, before the YouTube, if you approached a TV executive and pitched the idea of ‘man mucking around in rural Indiana’ you would have been arrested and sent to the nearest lunatic asylum. But who watches scheduled TV in the age of uploading and content creators?

Watching WhistlinDiesel is a mind-numbing experience but also strangely rewarding.

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