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This Porsche Taycan Widebody Might Not Be To Everyone’s Taste

Porsche Taycan Widebody Stance dailycarblog

Digital designer and automotive design concept guy, Khyzyl Saleem, has been busy visualizing his latest creation. A widebody Porsche Taycan. If you think it looks incomplete then fear not, Saleem admits as much on his Instagram account. The near photo-realistic renders are difficult to tell from the real thing but believe me (you should never trust a journalist when they say “believe me”) this widebody Porsche Taycan is indeed a digital render. It has the classic widebody look from the ultra-low ride height, and unnecessarily wide front and rear fenders.

The Taycan is an electric sports sedan tour deforce, we have driven it and marvelled at how the Porsche DNA runs through every facet of this… creation. Indeed we even think it is better than the 911. The Taycan is powered by nothing more than electric motors and a battery pack.

Porsche Taycan Widebody Stance Rear dailycarblog

Prices start from £70,000 in the UK and rise to £138,000 for the all singing all dancing Taycan S which also happens to have 761PS, a 0-62mph time of 2.8 seconds and a maximum top speed of 162mph. The range is admittedly not Tesla beating but still good for 220 miles.

Porsche Taycan Widebody Stance Side dailycarblog

We reckon the stock/OEM Taycan doesn’t need too much in the way of a Saleem overhaul. The widebody stance appeals to those who want heads to turn as opposed to experiencing the Taycan’s mind-altering performance.

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