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Jaguar Land Rover Boss Says JLR is Rubbish

Thierry Bollore Jaguar LAnd Rover Boss - dailycarblog

Being a British-based auto media outlet the size of a dead pixel, when it comes to Jaguar Land Rover we here at the Daily Car Blog, as with all other media outlets big or small, are meant to bow respectfully to what is a dysfunctional organisation. In our experience, Jaguar Land Rover people exhibit a colonial outlook in life. They believe in their own vanity over their company, not realising they are just another payroll number. Each individual gives the impression they are serving the greater good. And each individual believes they are the only person in the history of human existence to be competent enough to do their respective jobs. On planet reality, JLR stumbles from one crisis to another and into a slow decline. The British media have become the backing vocalists continually singing the company’s praise while watching it slowly list and sink under the sea.

The motoring media is only interested in accessing Jaguar Land Rover’s annual media budget which is handed out by JLR goons like confetti to their closet backing singers. JLR has, for perhaps too long, survived on positive false narratives, gaslighting generated by compliant media headlines. JLR has created its very own fantasy world by pivoting to a luxury brand. In JLR’s warped, self idolizing world luxury means lack of quality, luxury means poor reliability.

However, finally perhaps, someone has been brave enough to tell JLR, to their faces, about this alternate reality, not the fantasy world built up by the marketing and fawning media allies. The reality is Jaguar Land Rover makes rubbish cars and CEO Thierry Bollore recently said so. We say, give that man a cigar. We could actually like someone from what is a flailing company. However, because we are at war with this organisation, caught up in a dysfunctional world of its own creation, we have banned anyone from JLR being quoted on this site.

Bollore doesn’t use the term “rubbish” to describe JLR’s poor history of quality and reliability. We just want to stick it to JLR at every opportunity. The JLR CEO merely articulates the effects of poor reliability and quality. Bollore prefers to use diplomatic terms, critical analysis. That’s why we like French corporate executives, they can be tough but fair. Bollore really ought to teach Jaguar Land Rover UK PR how to conduct themselves professionally and ask them to raise their heads from beneath the sandpits for at least one day of the month.

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