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The Unusual Looking BMW Grille Design Looks Unusually Great on The i4

BMW i4 - dailycarblog

We’re not shilling for BMW and never will, for we were left in a vacant parking lot long ago. So we have the privilege of being in a unique position of saying whatever the hell we like. And if someone at BMW doesn’t like it and decides to email us to say knock it off, we can simply block them. And they have and we do. Nevertheless, the other week BMW revealed the upcoming i4, fully electric 4-door Gran Coupe which will enter the market at… we don’t know when. Very few technical details were revealed so we have to do a bit of word filling here, often commonly referred to as… professional journalism.

BMW i4 - rear - dailycarblog

Of the i4 reveal, we really like it and the controversial stupid-looking grille design blends in perfectly with the overall proportions. But place that controversial stupid-looking grille on the 4 Series and it looks stupid and out of place. BMW spews a lot of positivities in promoting the i4’s capabilities and handling characteristics without going into detail. We’ll have to wait and see if indeed it does live up to anything at all.

BMW i4 - SE - dailycarblog

The BMW i4 model line will be available in different versions covering ranges of up to 366 miles / 590km (WLTP). With a power output of up to 530 hp. The BMW i4 will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in around 4 seconds. Full details on the BMW i4 will be released in the coming weeks.

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