Supercar Blondie Drives An $8M Bugatti Divo

If you received a call out of the blue to drive an $8M Bugatti Divo you might put the phone down and call the Police. Not Supercar Blondie, the Australian Dubai resident is well connected due to her YouTube profile, which stands at 5.8 million subscribers. That media profile enables Supercar Blondie access and a share of YouTube advertising revenue. More importantly, she also has people throwing money at her feet and also an $8M Bugatti Divo.

The Divo is an ultra-hardcore version of an already high-performance ultracar. Bugatti has shaved off 35kg of weight and given the Divo unique styling and functional aerodynamic enhancements. Supercar Blondie also reveals if you want to buy a Divo, Bugatti insists you also need to own a bog-standard Chiron.

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