Rolls Royce Is On A Roll After Declaring The Spirit of Ecstasy is Flying High, OH Yeah!

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Someone at the Rolls Royce press department is ‘avin’ a laugh. Or secretly lobbying for looser drug laws so car buying clients can get high on ecstasy without any recrimination from the law. But that situation already exists, specifically for high society and those who work in the heart of the square mile. London’s financial district is basically fuelled by a professional drug-taking culture, why do you think the stock market is always on the verge of crashing? And the people who enrich themselves off the back of short selling or selling meaningless derivative financial products to pension funds, these are the respectable professionals buying luxury Rolls Royce cars. And they are also “flying-high” often on a daily basis.

Obviously, Rolls Royce has no control over who buys a Rolls Royce. But does the press department have a secret neo-liberal mole who is seeking abolition of all drug controls through the power of a press release? We can’t say for sure, but we can read between the lines, so to speak. So Rolls Royce filed a press release with the banner headline reading: 

Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy: Still flying high

The Spirit of Ecstasy is a reference to the statuette that adorns the bonnet of each and every Rolls Royce ever made. Ecstacy is also a methamphetamine, a joy drug for people with no social skills. The press release continues with the following zinger:

“…Spirit of Ecstasy represents far more than just our company and our products. To our customers, she is a potent symbol…”

A “potent symbol” indeed, perhaps another reference to the cocaine, methamphetamine city culture? We can’t say for sure. Clearly, someone at the Rolls Royce press department is working at home during the lockdown, bored and is seeking a pick me up with subliminal messaging hoping not to be noticed… or is it intentional? I don’t we could be reading too much into this.

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