Has Toyota Finally Cracked The Solid-State Battery Code?

Cold Fusion YouTube channel man certainly thinks so, in his opinion Toyota has or is close to cracking the solid-state battery safe. So what is a solid-state battery? Well, it is the equivalent of nuclear fusion of battery technology and offers significant and superior energy density over any other type of battery. The clue is in the given name. We’ll try to offer a simple explanation.

Whereas a lithium-ion battery consists of a solid part and a liquid-gel part to make things go pop, a solid-state battery is entirely made up of… solid material. Solid-state technology can trace its origins way back to 1834 when a certain Michael Farraday discovered solid state ionics.

By the 1950s material science had advanced enough to make solid-state into a lab-based, workable theory. Over the next 50 years, and after billions spent on research, solid-state batteries are tantalizingly close to becoming a commercial reality. 

Toyota claims it has developed solid-state batteries and will release an EV using the technology by 2024. Perfect timing as the future car industry transitions to electric cars. Or does it sound too perfect?

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