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Life Inside Tesla Gigafactory China

Gigafactory Shanghai 2021 - daily car blog

Tesla doesn’t do boring, it does do the Boring Company, but it doesn’t do boring naming conventions. They call traditional manufacturing facilities “Gigafactories” which sounds way cooler than manufacturing plant. And you know what? Tesla has inspired me to rename my house to… The Gigahome. My Gigahome is actually a weather-beaten tent on an isolated windswept hill overlooking a desolate forested gorge.

So what is a Tesla Gigafactory? It is for all intents and purposes a giant factory where Tesla makes electric cars, from stamping metal, to lithium-ion battery packs. The Gigafactory is monolithic in its ambition and purpose. We get a walkaround at Gigafactory China to see what goes on behind the scenes.

The second video shows the scale of this epic undertaking Tesla is embarking upon. Currently, there are three fully operational Gigafactories. Berlin, Germany will make it four when the factory begins operations in mid-late 2021.

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