Someone Remade The Dodge Challenger Into An SRT Pickup Truck Concept

Dodge Challenger SRT Pickup truck concept - BIS Dailycarblog

That someone is concept artist Yasid Oozeear has put his Wacom Tablet and pen to serious use with his depiction of this concept Dodge Challenger SRT Pickup Truck. The London-based freelance artist specializes in vehicle design. One day, upon a sudden, he was guided by a mysterious light that echoed into his mind the thought, what would a Dodge Challenger SRT look like as a pickup truck? And after 40 days and 40 nights of concept sketching Yasid finally had the vision.

The Dodge Challenger SRT is a 5.7-litre V8 hellfire which machine guns out over 717bhp from its rear tailpipes. Though the SRT lineage is no longer with us, it remains in the hearts and minds of those who reject the future of battery-powered cars. However electric cars are the future and offer significant performance advantages over petroleum power cars. Such as massive acceleration.

Dodge Challenger SRT Pickup truck concept - Dailycarblog

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of talent to be talented and judging from this concept Yasid has a lot of talent. Not too sure how practical this would be in real life, the lowered suspension looks like multiple stress-component failures waiting to happen.

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