The Best Aftermarket Rear Bumpers For The Ford F150

This AmericanTrucks’ (AT) releases a video tutorial is aimed at 2018 –2020 F150 owners (Raptor model excluded) looking for maximum protection on and off-road. AT’s Adam Maqboul hosts a step-by-step review and installation of the aftermarket HD Replacement Front Bumper. The video is now included in AT’s comprehensive bumper tech guide available at As Adam explains, the HD Replacement Front Bumpers an all-in-one bumper/brush-guard combo with a full-width wraparound design.

In addition to extreme protection, the aftermarket HD bumper gives the truck a beefy, industrial look. It has a tubular diamond plate steel construction with a schedule 40 pipe. Adam explains the unique finish, and the utility functionality of this premium bumper before launching into the installation which he estimates will take 2 –3 hours. Once the viewer is shown all the tools required, Adam guides them through the removal of the stock bumper and the entire installation of the new one.

AT’s new video gives 2018-2020 F150 owners (Raptor excluded) all the information they need to decide whether the aftermarket HD Replacement Front Bumper is right for them. Traditionally, truck owners shopping for extra protection look to bumpers or brush guards/grille guards. The HD bumper combines the two to deliver full-width protection including the headlights, front grille, and the bumper.

Check it out the full guide by clicking on the following link:


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