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This Toyota Supra Concept Any Day of The Week

Toyota Supra FLat Hat 3D Concept Dailycarblog

Toyota does many great things and also a few questionable things. It’s the Toyota way. To remedy this blip of inconsistency Taiwan based Flat Hat 3D Studio has just revealed a Toyota Supra concept… and it looks harsh. Which is a good thing. The company created a 3D visual of a radical-looking Toyota Supra reimagined to the extreme.

Somewhere under the complex triangular surfacing is a Toyota Supra, obviously, this is no sports car. The vehicle has a raised ride height and sits upon a set of massive off-road tires. Clearly, this car is designed to look mean, perhaps to appeal to Blackwater types who are preparing for another illegal state-sanctioned wartime grift.

Toyota Supra FLat Hat 3D Concept RQ Dailycarblog

Flat Hat 3D is about the magic of vehicular concept art, although to some this Supra concept this vehicle may appeal to the military-industrial complex. To others, it may look like preparations are advancing for an imminent invasion. Nevertheless, the creativity and flair get a thumbs up.

Check out the full Toyota Supra Concept render here.

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