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And The Best Car of 2020 Was…

Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,

The best car is never the one that wins an award. The best car is never the one that is universally given accolades and smooching commentary by motoring journalists. You should take the opinions of motoring journalists with a pinch of salt, or nothing less than collusion. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, as a young up and coming motoring hack working for a rather large motoring publication, the boss told me it was my job to “smooch” with the motoring manufacturers. What my then boss meant was that I have to “kiss arse”. Not I said I. What this revealed to me was that all the car award shows and best car of the year awards are nothing more than one big “kiss arse” event. If you are buying a new or used car ignore the awards, and most certainly ignore motoring journalists telling you how good this car or that car is because most probably such an opinion was generated to appeal to a car manufacture rather than the readers. 

Car manufacturers have a large marketing budget and they have to spend it and they will spend it on those who “kiss arse” the most. Or rather they will reward those who “kiss arse” the most. Therefore, car award shows are just one big advertisement, free publicity. Motoring journalists can not tell you if the best car of the year has a faulty seatbelt, or if the best car of the year has a faulty electronic handbrake. And motoring journalists can not tell you if the best handling car of the year is reliable, if at all. And if it isn’t, most often they will not say so until the new JD Power Survey is revealed. The best car of the year is your car, whatever it may be, however much it cost, however old it is. 

The best car of the year as opinionated by motoring journalists is a guide, it is not a measure nor is it a bible. If you want to buy a crappy Dacia Duster then that is your choice. Personally, I would only ever buy a Dacia Duster to push it off and over Beachy Head. But if a Dacia Duster is all that you can afford, new or used I don’t have a problem with that. Let me reiterate, I do have a problem with the general crappiness of Dacia Dusters, it’s just a thing I have with Dacia overall

My opinion of the Dacia brand is the correct opinion and when you hear and read motoring journalist’s bullshitting about the virtues of the Dacia and the crappy Duster then you know they are appealing to Dacia, not their readership. Anyway, I am off to break Tier 4 rules by sneaking out of the country, for I am on my way to Barbados to pal around with the chumocracy and to stock up on Regeneron, just in case. Happy new year, happy 2021.

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