It’s Sharpie Time For GM Designers Who Pen Concept Sports Coupe

Transportation designers very rarely use sharpies to sketch concepts, it’s all done on a giant Wacom tablet these days. Designers do utilise the power of the Sharpie for quick ideations sketches on the back of a table cloth, but for these show-stopping sketches, the Wacom tablet is the preferred tool. Concept sketches are a great way for a designer to cast off the shackles of restraint and let ideas flow through the power of a Sharpie, which is wielded like a lightsaber.

GM designer Jingxu Zhan was featured on GM’s @genrealmotordesign Instagram account. The grand touring sports coupe is a sleek highly stylized concept sketch. While concept sketches are a great way to allow design talent to run free, it would be great to see such a concept make it into production. But that isn’t the purpose of a concept sketching.

General Motors Concept - Dailycarblog

Production constraints mean that this sleek looking render will always be a sleek looking render. And besides, America doesn’t do sleek-looking sports coupes, the American’s love their pickup trucks and opioids.

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