For Once In Its Miserable Existence, Renault Is Finally Starting To Do Something Interesting

Renault, not particularly enthusiastic when it comes to doing anything worthwhile, is launching a new strategic plan. While the white paper the strategic plan is written on is eminently boring, that strategic plan will see the company introduce seven new electric cars by 2025. Because we are so out of touch with Renault, we actually had to make the painful decision of doing some research. The company’s current electric car range is made up of the Twizzy, Zoe, Zoe Van and Kangoo Z.E. All rather forgettable. Renault’s drive to push electric cars isn’t based on any specific hallelujah moment.

Government legislation to clean up the car industry is forcing the company’s hand. Renault must move to manufacture and selling electric cars otherwise it will die. So to begin this new future, this transition to a new electric car world Renault has gone back to the past. Renault will launch an electric version of the 5 supermini. The Renault 5 lived between 1972-1996, it was inherently dreadful and eventually replaced by the miserable Clio. 

The Renault 5 Prototype provides a glimpse of the new supermini’s styling language. It’s fair to say that the Renault designers have nailed the styling language.  Clean simple lines and proportionality. Whether the Renault 5 Prototype makes it into production is a different matter altogether. For now, the 5 Prototype is merely a publicity stunt.

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