Would You Pay €47,000 For A Mercedes EQA EV?

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This is the all new Mercedes EQA, the pure electric variant of the GLA. And when Mercedes revealed the price I spat my morning socially distanced coffee out in disgust. I always happen to be drinking coffee when reacting badly to the news. Nevertheless, the Mercedes EQA will cost €47,000, $50,000 in the North American markets. Early adopters will always pay next generation prices for next-generation technology, this is the way. The EQA debuts an alternative design language to set it ever so slightly apart from the GLA, noticeably around the front nose and bumper styling.

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But make no mistake, the EQA started life as a normal GLA and damn it, it is a GLA in all but name, but this time its battery powered. Mercedes are quick to mention the EQA’s drag co-efficiency of 0.28 seconds, they don’t point out that current electric battery and overall electric car technology has some ways to go before it is truly efficient. Therefore I suggest you ignore the drag co-efficiency data because it is largely outdated and meaningless marketing.

Mercedes EQA EV Interior Dailycarblog

The Mercedes EQA 250 launch model is available in three model trims and will use a single electric motor to drive the front wheel. Power is rated at 185bhp and 277lb ft of (375Nm) torque. The 66.5kWh battery delivers a claimed range of 265 miles, 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 99mph. Performance variants will follow, expect a 260bhp EQA with a range of 310 miles. Fast charging will enable a 10-30 percent recharge rate in 30 minutes.

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The interior is unchanged from that of the GLA, with entry-level models are offered with two 7-inch screens, upgradeable to 10-25 inches, or standard depending on which trim level you opt for. If you are desperate for an electric SUV at an affordable price point I would wait for the Skoda Enyaq which starts at €30,000. Although admittedly I would personally opt for the bigger ICE-powered GLC which starts at €42,000. This is my way.

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