Love Motorcycles? Here’s How To Look More Like A Biker


On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why bikers should look a certain way. After all, a motorcycle is just a mode of transport like any other. There’s nothing special about it. However, well all know that’s not the way it goes. Bikers have a certain style about them that seems to emerge naturally from their free-spirited nature. 

If you love motorcycles, you’ve probably already gone shopping for a bike. But how do you look more like a genuine biker instead of a wannabe?

Prioritize Jewellery

If you think rappers are into bling, then you need to check out bikers. These guys aren’t afraid to adorn themselves in jewellery to give themselves a kind of tribal appearance. For many, rings and necklaces are symbols of freedom – a major component of the biker lifestyle. 

If you can, look for skull rings and amulets. Choose items that make you look as fearsome as possible. Don’t be afraid to wear thick silver buckles and metal chains. It can be a lot of fun. 

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

Newbie bikers will typically spend a lot of time shopping for leathers, looking for the best gear to achieve that coveted head-to-toe biker look. But many neglect to think carefully about their footwear – another important consideration. 

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Ideally, you want a pair of thick leather boots with a robust sole. Fortunately, the biker market offers boots in practically any style you like. 

Try to avoid some of the over-sized or decorate designs. You want something that’s robust, not impractical. 

Get Your Helmet Sorted

Your helmet is probably the most important piece of apparel you wear on the road. This essential piece of gear keeps your head safe and stops the wind from mashing your face at high speeds. It keeps you comfortable. 

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If you go to https://bmw.europe-moto.com/gb/3-motorcycle-helmet-bmw-motorrad, you can see some examples of the types of helmets currently available. Don’t skimp on costs. Always go to a vendor you know provides quality protection. 

Helmets have to have a certain shape to keep your head safe. But beyond that, the design on the outside is very much a matter of personal preference. Go as plain or aggressive as you like. 

Choose Clothes That Fit The Biker Style

When you’re new to the world of biking, it can tempt you to spend a lot of money on apparel. After all, there are plenty of vendors out there offering slick garments that make you look freshly-preened. 

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However, going down that route goes against the biker ethos. People who are really into motorcycling in a big way enjoy the freedom and road-side hot dogs more than the equipment itself. It’s all about getting out on the open road with a group of friends and enjoying the lifestyle. That’s the way to live. 

According to https://www.rideapart.com/news/253958/8-signs-youre-a-biker-n00b/, you are a biker noob if you love just standing around admiring motorcycles or the clothes that people wear when riding them.

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