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Fiat 500 Updates Turn Out To Be A Complex Icecream Brain Freeze Headache

Fiat 500 2021 Model Updates - Daily Car Blog

You know when you eat ice cream too fast and then end up getting an ice cream induced brain-freeze headache? The Fiat 500 model range is just as painful to understand. To be honest with you we didn’t even know there was a Fiat 500 model range, we always thought there was just one Fiat 500 just as there is one Cornetto. We timed out of Fiat years ago and we’re not alone, so has the buying public. Fiat recorded its worst period of sales since 1985 during 2020. While the Pandemic didn’t help, truth be told for the last 5 years Fiat’s sales curve has resembled mountain peaks on a diorama set.

The once captain of the Italian automotive industry has downsized considerably. It relies on three models in order to inhale and exhale. The 500 in and of itself is offered in 3 model variants. One assumes the plucky little Panda and the Tipo are bought by ghosts. And that’s it. That being said, the 500, 500X and 500L are updated for 2021 and available in five trim variants, Cult, Connect, Cross, Sport and Dolcevita.

Fiat 500 2021 Model Updates - interior - Daily Car Blog

The entry-level Cult pays homage to mafia dons because it is exclusively available in ‘Sicilian Orange’. The 500 model range benefits from better quality interior upgrades to the fabrics and trim. A 7-inch infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto is standard. And that’s about it, the rest of the car is unchanged, save for the introduction of a new palette of colors.

Fiat 500 2021 Model Updates - 500X - Daily Car Blog

The 500 range is offered with a number of engine options and makes use of the 3-cylinder 1.0-litre 69bhp mild-hybrid and a 1.2-litre, 68hp LPG. The 500X includes two petrol engines and two diesel variants. Power ranges from 118bhp and 148bhp for the petrol engines and 94bhp to 118bhp for the diesel variants. The 500 L makes use of one petrol and one diesel engine. Power and performance are MEH!

Last year Fiat revealed that it was discontinuing selling cars in North America due to poor sales. The region was considered key to reviving flagging fortunes. However, the recently announced Fiat Peugeot merger might just be a lifeline the company has been desperately looking for.

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