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Honda Needs To Up Its Design Appeal With All-New HR-V

Honda HRV Darth Vader Edition - Daily Car Blog

We get the electrification strategy many automakers are transitioning towards, save the planet end starvation. An electrified car is kind-of-like Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader. Whereas Darth Vader had style, Honda appear to give the impression that attention grabbing design doesn’t mesh into the brand’s sanitised corporate DNA. Sure Honda is consistently a reliable brand, which is great. But the Honda design language isn’t visually reliable nor appealing. 

Just as Darth Vader had his moment of redemption when he killed the Emperor to save Luke, Honda has the chance to kill off the old stale design language to save the HR-V. Admittedly, the latter is a mind-warping analogy but you know it makes sense.

Honda eHR-V Badge - Daily Car Blog

The all-new HR-V will feature the company’s first twin-motor e:HEV hybrid. Honda is touting that it will be refined and fun to drive. Many car manufactures have made similar statements prior to an all-new launch/re-launch. Let us hope and pray that the all-new Honda HR-V makes advances in design flair, at least for the exterior.

Honda’s annual worldwide production totals over 4 million cars. European sales have declined from a peak of 311,801 in 2007 to 123,277 in 2019. The company tends to focus efforts on the U.S, China and Japan markets where sales and demand remain consistently strong.

The new HR-V e:HEV will be unveiled on 18 February 2021.

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