The Cars of Samurai Cop, Voted The Worst Movie of All Time

Samurai Cop was a 1991 D-Movie made for the straight-to-video VHS market. The 1990s was an era when D-Movies were in their prime, and Samurai Cop is rated as the best of the worst in the history of the D-Movie era. Indeed it is often listed as one of the worst films ever made. It’s so bad it’s good and as such gathered a cult following over the years. The movie is subject to ridicule due to the lousy direction, wooden acting and a debatable use of wigs for the lead actor.

But we’re interested in the cars of Smaurai Cop, the film was made in 1991 and would have used cars from the late 1980s. Indeed the movie is a timestamp of the automotive world as it was in the early 1990s. If you know any of the cars used then drop us an email because we can’t be bothered to do any research.

Watching the Youtube clips brought us to the realization that perhaps the Daily Car Blog is the “Samurai Cop” of car blogs.  Not an easy thing to live with I can tell you that for sure. The lead actor, Matt Hannon, was interviewed by curious fans in 2014, and it’s a fun insight into what went on behind the scenes.

WARNING: Samurai Cop contains scenes and language not suitable for children.

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