5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Alfa Romeo and Fiat Car Service Centre

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If you wish to drive a one of a kind car that looks sporty along with a splendid performance, Alfa Romeo and Fiat are the best brands. While the Italian manufacturer is renowned for its body styling and strong engine capabilities, Fiat is a classic brand known for its efficient transmission and suspension. Put together, the Alfa Romeo and Fiat brand offers the best of both worlds combining luxury and performance as a one-stop solution. As the owner of this posh brand, it only makes sense to entrust a specialist mechanic in Australia, such as Automoda to handle the car’s servicing and maintenance needs.

Here’s how you can choose a top-class Alfa Romeo and Fiat Car Service centre:

1.) Exclusive Services

As the Alfa Romeo and Fiat Vehicles demand exclusive services specialised according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the service centre should have access to original brand parts and recommended lubricants to keep your car in top shape. Additionally, they should meet the industry standards and include end-to-end services, including engine rebuilding/reconditioning, performance upgrades, brake upgrades, complete repair services, etc.

Besides, it’s also recommended to approach a specialised service station to handle the unique specifications and demands of your luxury vehicle and pamper it with the right level of maintenance to ensure continuous performance.

2.) Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

Consider a reputed service centre with expert in-house mechanics who know the inside out features about the Alfa Romeo and Fiat brands. Such specialists like Automoda have the right qualifications to work with the sophisticated engine and transmission system of this model. You can be rest assured that your car is in the safe hands of experienced consultants who are adept at the job.

3.) Courtesy Services

The best auto service centre should take complete care of their customers and offer special privileges such as the provision of courtesy vehicles while your car is under service. They should also offer other value-added services with complimentary interior cleaning or other detailing as part of the package.

4.) Competitive Services Fees with no Hidden Charges

Servicing a high-end model can be relatively expensive, owing to the brand’s exclusive upkeep needs and demands. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about the service rates beforehand to avoid last-minute surprises. Assess the quotes to ensure whether it conforms to the prevailing market rates and avoid getting lured into cheap deals which can translate to low-quality work and subsequently increase your expenses further.

5.) Examine Customer Reviews

Genuine and reputed service companies offer greater transparency and authenticity in their business. They often have websites or social media pages to check what the previous customers are saying and assess customer ratings and reviews. This will enable you to access first-hand accounts of the level of service and make a well-informed decision to evaluate the quality of services provided at the centre. 

A highly rated car service centre will definitely be well-equipped to maintain your prized possession professionally. It’s vital to choose someone who specialises in your model and is passionate about their work. So, shop around and select a stalwart service centre like Automoda with an approachable and friendly team that meets all your specific requirements.

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