A Brummie And A Cuppa Are The UK’s Answer To Singer Vehicle Restorations

This is Callum, the Brummie who works for Retopower. Retropower refers to themselves as the equivalent of California based Singer Vehicle Design. Singer is known for high-quality restorations and modifications of classic cars. The Singer Porsche is one such car that made the company’s name.  But this is England and this is Retropower and we here in England do things rather differently. The shabby-looking work environment is home to many on-going restoration projects, highly-skilled engineers, designers and mechanics.

Listening to Callum after only a few minutes, you know straight away that these guys are extremely knowledgeable and highly enthused about what they do day-to-day. And that shabby looking workspace produces expertly finished end results. McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is one such client.

The Brummie, the brew and classic cars, it is the definition of middle England.

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