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Rivian Is Officially Good To Go With The R1T And R1S

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It’s official, Rivian has finally revealed the price and launch date of its hotly-anticipated R1T Pickup Truck and R1S SUV. Hotly anticipated for those who can afford such a vehicle during a pandemic and economic depression. Whether you can afford a Rivian or not this vehicle should serve as an inspiration for you to climb your way out of your current situation because going into debt to feed rampant consumerism is a sign of success in modern societies.

But let’s divert back to the Rivian R1T and R1S. Both are pure electric short term gamer changers. Short term because Rivian won’t have such exclusivity forever. Nevertheless, the R1T Pickup will be delivered to customers in June 2021. The future of mobility requires a lot of patience. The initial R1T Launch Edition will cost $75,000. The R1T will eventually be offered in a number of trim options. Launch edition models are often used as a short term gap to fill initial demand. 

Rivian R1T Pickup Truck, dailycarblog

It is also a sign that Rivian’s production process isn’t fully operational. That being said, the Rivian R1S SUV Launch Edition will retail for $77,000, but you’ll have to wait until 2022 until it is delivered. When entry-level models become available prices will start from ‘more affordable’ $67,000.

Top-spec models will use a 135kWh battery pack offering 300 miles of range while entry-level models will offer 105kWh battery packs which equates to around 250 miles of pure electric range. Most pick-up truck owners only travel around 10 miles a day to buy over the counter machine guns and ammunition while sipping on a Starbucks.

But the real interest here is the power. Both the Rivian R1T and R1S will have a base power of 750bhp and over 1,000 Nm torque (737 ft-lb). That certainly sounds like a plan worth waiting for.

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